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Treat your dog to a Yak Chew treat which has been churned from Himalayan Yak and cow’s milk and carrot. The Yak chew is a cheesy treat that is long-lasting and high in protein. The Yak chew is available in medium and large to suit different breeds and is suitable for all dogs.


The chew will make a great dental aid for dogs to prevent plaque and tarter as it's hard. It makes the perfect vegetarian treat for most pet dogs.


If your dog prefer a smaller treat the Yak Popcorn treats will be perfect.



Small: 3 Chews - 65g

Medium: 2 Chews 140g

Popcorn: 70g


Ingredients: Yak and Cow Milk (97.4%), Carrot Juice (2.5%), Lime Juice


  • Preservative and gluten-free
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar
  • Vegetarian
  • Rich in calcium and protein
  • 100% natural

Yak Bars / Yak Popcorn Dog Treats by Zoon

PriceFrom £4.99
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