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Petface Seriously Strong Bone Tread is a tough and durable toy that can offer your pet hours of fun and can help to maintain good oral hygiene. The Bone Tread allows the dog and their owner an enjoyable shared play experience. In addition, the dog is provided with a variety of textures to stimulate their senses.


Some dogs are notorious for destroying their toys – Seriously Strong helps to combat this problem by providing a variety of tough dog toys that will withstand a good chewing.


This rubber bone tread is ideal for dogs that are prone to chewing as it is made from tough material that also has many oral hygiene benefits. It can help to keep teeth and gums healthy, and its heavy-duty construction will keep them entertained for hours!


All toys in this range are made from high grade non-toxic materials and contain unique polymers to make them very durable.


**Pets should be supervised when playing with toys. Although designed to take a chewing, the Petface Seriously Strong collection is not completely indestructible and will be susceptible to chew damage. The life of a Petface Seriously Strong toy entirely depends on the ability and strength of your pet. Monitor for wear and replace if damaged.**

Seriously Strong Bone Tread by Petface

SKU: 26026
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