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The Gor Pets Outdoor Premium Bed is a practical and stylish dog bed featuring water resistant covers and that has been designed with owner and dog in mind.


The addition of water-resistant fabrics makes the Gor Pets Outdoor Premium Bed a practical option for all dog owners allowing your much loved companion to curl up and rest in total comfort. 


The raised sides are part of a sturdy structure made with fire retardant foam which bounces back easily into shape after use and helps protect your dog from any draughts as they sleep, perfect for creating a truly happy sleeping environment. 


Dogs that enjoy the sense of security will also appreciate being able to curl into the Premium bed resting their body against the walls for reassurance.


The cover can be removed for washing with a zip located at the base while the inner cushion is also removable and fastens with velcro tabs for simplicity.


The Gor Pets Premium Bed is deep filled with 100% polyester blown fibre which is cleverly encased to help keep all fibres evenly spread preventing any lumps forming and ensuring long-term comfort for your dog. 


Available Sizes:


Small - 20"

Medium - 24"

Large - 28"

X-Large - 32"

Outdoor Premium Bed by Gor Pets

PriceFrom £23.99
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