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Keep your best friend cool in those hot summer months with the Petface dog cooling bandana. The Petface cooling bandana is activated by water - lightweight, cool and soft to the touch, making it comfortable for your pet to wear.


This cooling bandana has been designed to help cool pets in hot weather or when they have a temperature. The bandanas are reusable and can be dried off when not in use. Comes complete with a portable resealable storage pouch.


Available in sizes:


Small: 20-30cm neck size

Medium: 28-40cm neck size

Large: 38-52cm neck size


  • Lightweight and comfortable bandana
  • Convenient hook & loop fastening
  • Cool and soft to the touch
  • Designed to help cool pets in hot weather
  • Reusable and can be dried off when not in use
  • Includes a portable resealable storage pouch


Materials: Body: 100% PVA Binding: 90% Polyester, 10% Nylon




Place the bandana in a bowl of cold water and gently knead the bandana so it takes in enough water.

Wring excess water from the bandana so it is not dripping.


Place bandana around your pets neck and secure in place using the hook and loop fastening. Adjust the fit so two fingers can fit between your pets neck and the bandana.


Regularly check and adjust when necessary. If using every day you can store it slightly damp in the resealable pouch, otherwise hang to dry.


Do not unfold the bandana when it is dry, soak it first to soften the material. Do not use the banadana on a cold day.


If your pet appears to show signs of feeling cold, remove the bandana immediately.


Handwash in cold water only.

Dog Cooling Bandana by Petface

PriceFrom £2.99
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