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Ultima Dog Bed Replacement Covers available in 9 Colours.


The Gor Pets Ultima Dog Bed is a dog bed that combines ultimate stability and comfort with easy flexible washing.


Your furry friend deserves the ultimate in relaxation, and the Gorpets Ultima Bed delivers it in spades. Its unique construction features a bonded fibre layer encasing a dense foam core, creating a plush and supportive sleeping surface that envelops your pet in cozy comfort. The bonded fibre adds a luxurious softness, while the dense foam provides unwavering support for joints and muscles, ensuring they rest easy and wake up refreshed.


Gone are the days of grappling with stubborn bed covers or enduring unpleasant odors. The Ultima Bed boasts exceptional washability, making it a breeze to keep your home clean and your pet comfortable. Simply unzip the removable polycotton inner cover and wash it separately or alongside the outer fabric. The entire bed can be turned inside out for even easier cleaning, ensuring your pup’s haven remains fresh and inviting.


Available in 9 stunning colours and four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large), the Gorpets Ultima Bed caters to dogs of all breeds and sizes, providing a personalized fit that ensures your furry friend can snuggle in and relax without feeling cramped or overwhelmed.



External (width x depth x height

Internal (width x depth x height)


59cm x 54cm x 28cm (23" x 21" x 11")

36cm x 31cm x 20cm (14" x 12" x 8")


74cm x 66cm x 28cm (29" x 26" x 11")

51cm x 44cm x 20cm (20" x 17" x 8")


84cm x 79cm x 31cm (33" x 31" x 12")

66cm x 56cm x 23cm (26" x 22" x 9")


100cm x 86cm x 36cm (39" x 34" x 14")

80cm x 65cm x 24cm (31" x 26" x 9")



Ultima Dog Bed Replacement Covers by Gor Pets - 9 Colours

PriceFrom £29.99
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