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Rumble the Road Roller is a cute and quirky latex toy.

The super cute toy will provide your four legged friend with hours of entertainment. Complete with a squeaker, this latex toy can be used for amusement or as a training tool.


  • Allows owners to interact with their four legged friend.
  • Ideal for training, obedience, exercise and fun.
  • Great for playing fetch and encourages exercise.
  • Attractive Squeak that will engage and amuse your dog.
  • Durable material that isn't too tough.


Approx dimension: 13cm high / 9cm wide


Hand wash only.

Pets should be supervised when playing with toys. This toy is strong but not indestructible and will eventually become susceptive to ‘chew’ damage. Examine regularly for wear and replace if any damage could represent a health hazard.

Rumble the Road Roller by Petface

SKU: 22996
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