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Red Dingo Half Check / Martingale Dog Collar - Red/White Spots


Does your dog pull on its lead? Or wriggle out of its collar? If so, these classic Martingale collars from Red Dingo will provide the solution. These collars will not choke your pet at all - the Martingale loop gently tightens when tension is put on it and loosens again once the pressure is released. The loop is limited in length so that the collar cannot be over-tightened. It offers you maximum control whilst keeping your pet happy and comfortable.


This Red Dingo collar is hard-wearing, durable, and strong. All Red Dingo products are strength and safety tested to the highest quality standard in manufacturing terms, embracing design without ever compromising functionality. They're made from high density fray-proof tough woven nylon again for durability and reduced wear and tear.


This collar has a large, stainless steel lead attachment ring and is double stitched with strengthened thread.


Available in three sizes:-


S - 15mm - 25-39cm / 10-15"

M - 20mm - 31-47cm / 12.5-18.5"

L - 25cm - 41-63 - 16.5-25"

Red Dingo Half Check / Martingale Dog Collar - Red/White Spots

PriceFrom £8.25
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