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The Ancol Green Quilted Sighthound Hound coat has a cosy, faux fur lining to keep your dog warm on chilly mornings and wintery days

The coat is designed to extend up the length of the neck and over the top of your dog's tail, trapping this body heat and insulating these areas

The coat affixes with adjustable hook and loop straps around the belly, ensuring that the coat fits snugly while allowing freedom of movement

This coat is 100% polyester and can be hand or gently machine washed in cool water.

Available in sizes: M (43cm, Girth 34-57cm) L (53cm, Girth 48-75cm) XXL (70cm, Girth 59-98cm)

Quilted Sighthound Hound Coat by Ancol

PriceFrom £18.39
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