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House train your puppy with Petface no mess puppy pads.


Unfold a puppy pad and place it on the floor with the plastic side down. Place the pad in an area that is always available to your puppy, away from their bed and food. Anticipate and plan when your puppy may need to go to the toilet - signs that your puppy needs to go the toilet include sniffing the floor, circling and starting to squat.


Place your puppy on the pad so they can smell the special scent. When your puppy urinates on the pad, reward them with praise or a treat. Remove any accidental puddles and odour to ensure your puppy is not encouraged to urinate in the place again. Once your puppy's training is complete indoors, move the pad outside the house. 


Available in packs of 14, 30 or 56 pads.

Puppy Pads - 14, 30 or 56

PriceFrom £7.29
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