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Take your dogs around the country with this versatile hammock. It slips over headrests to secure into place. They can splash through puddles, get soaked on long walks and bath in muddy terrain without destroying your car on the home journey.


The Zoon hammock gives you real peace of mind. No more hurry to lay towels down that your furry friends then paddle about the back seat until they secure a comfy spot on uncovered upholstery.


This fixes into place and protects your car interior from the bulk of the hair and slobber.

This hammock car seat cover is perfect for keeping your car interiors clean from mucky paws and dog hair. Ideal for those that love to go travelling with their favourite four-legged friend.




  • Universal design to fit most cars – just hook over seat headrests.
  • Easy to install and keeps hair off your seats even after those muddy puddle walks!
  • Made from heavy-duty waterproof polyester so your upholstery stays in good health despite your furry friends doing their best to cover it in drool!


Approximate size - 144 x 146cm

Hammock Car Seat Cover by Zoon

SKU: 8009002
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