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Dorwest's highest strength preparation – for strong coat and skin pigmentation, with all 37 minerals and trace elements your pet needs.


Keep your dog in peak condition by providing all 37 of the minerals and trace elements that they need with Dorwest's Kelp Seaweed Tablets. With double strength concentration and naturally high levels of iron and iodine for strong coat and skin pigmentation, these tablets are perfect to help keep your pet looking their best and can also be useful for dogs with conditions that may benefit from supplementation with these specific minerals.


What causes pigmentation loss?


Pigment and/or hair loss can be associated with a shortage in minerals - especially iodine and iron. This fading can be particularly noticeable on the nose and around the eyes and mouth. It is seen most often during the winter months and also in bitches following a season or pregnancy.

The seaweed species in Dorwest's Kelp Seaweed Tablets contains particularly high levels of iodine and iron, making it the perfect supplement for pigment loss.


Why are minerals and trace elements important?


Minerals and trace elements are essential for many of your dog's body structures and functions. For example, iodine is required for the thyroid to function and control the entire body's metabolism, and iron is an important constituent of red blood cells, vital for carrying oxygen. Your dog can't make these minerals in their body, so has to get them from their diet.


Dorwest use a special variety of deep-sea kelp, Fucus Vesiculosus, which is naturally packed full of the 37 minerals and trace elements that your pet needs, making it a great all-round nutritional supplement.


How do I use Kelp Seaweed Tablets?


Use daily for an all-round nutritional supplement. For strong pigment many people find it useful to give our Kelp Seaweed Tablets from autumn through to spring to help prevent a drop in pigment. It is necessary to give Kelp Seaweed Tablets for a minimum of one month to enhance pigmentation that has been lost, although it may take two or more months for it to be completely restored.

For pets that have already experienced pigment loss, many owners have found that using Elderberry & Nettle Extract initially to regain the pigment is best, before swapping to Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Tablets to maintain the pigment.


Ingredients: Fucus vesiculosus extract 450mg; Fucus vesiculosus powder 50mg.


Administration: 1 tablet per 10kgs bodyweight daily.


Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes


Can be used during lactation?: Yes


Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication.


Product Finishing: Film Coated


Special Warnings: For animals until 5kg we recommend crushing the tablet and giving a proportionate amount. Give sparingly during hot weather to animals that are prone to inflammatory skin problems associated with over-heating.


Always read the label

Dorwest Herbs Kelp Seaweed - 100 or 200 Tablets

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