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If you take a daily probiotic, you already know the importance of consuming healthy bacteria and the benefits for your digestive system and overall health.  The same applies to our dog's that also applies to us!  A healthy gut - a healthy canine.  Anco Tripe contains naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes, promoting healthy gut bacteria and aiding your dog's digestion.  Bully (Beef) in particular is low in fat (only 10%) so a great choice for those on a low fat diet.


Ingredients - 100% Beef Tripe


Composition - Ash 5%, Fat 10%, Fibre 2%, Protein 78%


Feeding Guidelines - Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old.  Anco Naturals should be given as a treat or reward and should be fed responsibly as part of nutritionally balanced diet.  Anco strongly recommend that all pets are supervised with any treat and that fresh drinking water should be readily available to them at all times.

Anco Naturals Bully Tripe Sticks - 135g

SKU: 17012
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