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The Gor Pets Premium Comfy Cushion has been created from a super soft, warm fabric to give your dog a comfortable space to rest their paws while they dream of their favourite things. 


The outer covers are removable via a full-length zip along one side of the bed and spare covers can be ordered separately.


Featuring an additional inner cover which is water resistant the outer cover can easily be removed and replaced while the water-resistant layer helps protect the bed from any accidents, spillages or wet paws after a rainy walk.


The Gor Pets Premium Comfy Cushions are deep filled with 100% polyester blown fibre which is cleverly encased to help keep all fibres evenly spread preventing any lumps forming and ensuring long-term comfort for your dog.


The outer cover can be placed in the washing machine making the Premium Comfy Cushion not only a stylish option but a practical one too.


Size Guide


Medium61 x 86cm
Large76 x 117cm

Premium Comfy Cushion by Gor Pets

PriceFrom £32.99
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