The Petface Premium Baked Dog Biscuits offers a high quality, natural biscuit food item, packed with meat that your pooch is sure to love! The Premium Baked Biscuits use a traditional blend of natural and premium ingredients with a high meat content ensuring your pet is not filled up with unnecessary fillers. The biscuits are oven baked to preserve the quality and great taste whilst ensuring your pet is getting the quality meal they deserve at a good price.


A complementary feed for dogs.  These high meat premium baked bone shaped dog biscuits with pork are ideal as treat, reward or training aid.  Slow baked to help retain more nutrients, dogs will love the taste and crunch of these biscuits.


Not suitable for small breed puppies under 6 months old, or large breed puppies under 4 months old.

Petface Premium Baked Dog Biscuits with Pork - 320g

SKU: 36088