The Gor Pets Kensington Carrier is designed to provide a safe, secure place for the smaller dog when travelling.


This stylish carrier is for the posh pooch, inspired by the elite London Borough of Kensington this product reflects the tweed British heritage.


Pet carriers provide a smaller dog with somewhere safe when in busy areas such as trains or cafes and can even be used for older dogs who still want to see the great outdoors but find walking too difficult.


An internal lead attachment on the Gor Pets Kensington Carrier allows you to clip your dog safely in place so they can't escape which is of paramount importance when using a dog carrier.


One end of the bag features a full height mesh panel as your dog's entry/exit point and the other end has a half panel with the option to open the half and tuck it into a velcro pouch so your dog can still look around from the safety of the carrier.


Complete with a carrying strap and removable cardboard base the entire Kensington Carrier can be washed if needed and really does provide a safe and stylish way for the smaller dog to travel.



  • Suitable for teacup and small dog breeds

  • Internal safety clip

  • Entire bag is washable (remove the base unit first)

  • Carrying strap

  • Zipped mesh viewing panel


Size Guide:  One size only - 44cm wide, 28cm high and opens to a width of 23cm


Kensington Pet Carrier - Gor Pets