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Introducing the Gor Hugs Flamingo Stuffed Dog Toy – a vibrant and entertaining plush dog toy designed to bring hours of joy to your furry friend! This fun Flamingo boasts a delightful combination of features that make it an ideal playmate for dogs.


The Gor Hugs Flamingo showcases a playful and eye-catching design. Its soft fur and velour construction make it irresistibly cuddly, while the vibrant colours add a touch of excitement to playtime.


This Flamingo is not just a toy; it's a source of endless entertainment! The crinkly body produces intriguing sounds that capture your dog's attention, and the super dangly legs add an extra element of playfulness.


Two Sizes Available:


  • Baby Flamingo (41cm): Perfect for smaller breeds or puppies who love a compact-sized playmate.
  • Mommy Flamingo (53cm): Ideal for larger breeds or dogs who enjoy toys with a bit more size and substance.


The Gor Hugs Flamingo is designed to be light and soft, making it easy for dogs to carry or toss around during play. The soft construction ensures a gentle experience for your pet.


Crafted from high-quality materials, including soft fur, velour, and hollow fibre filling, this Flamingo is designed for durability and long-lasting play.


Whether your dog loves to cuddle, toss, or simply explore intriguing sounds, the Gor Hugs Flamingo offers endless opportunities for entertainment.


Make playtime extra special for your furry friend with the Gor Hugs Flamingo – a plush dog toy that combines softness, vibrant design, and interactive fun. Choose the perfect size for your dog and add a touch of excitement to their toy collection!

Gor Hugs Flamingo Stuffed Dog Toy

PriceFrom £5.99
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