This is the season of merrymaking and being jolly, so begin by gifting your furry friend a dog toy that can also make it feel happy about the Christmas festivity.


This toy is shaped like a Santa with extra-long arms and legs that are crinkled. Your pooch can play the game of tug with this interactive dog toy. You and your pet can also indulge in playtime fun and deepen your bond for good. Interactive play sessions can also help to vent out your pet’s energy the right way.


Father Crinkle Legs dog toy will stimulate your pet and encourage all types of physical activities. Since this toy is crinkled and lightweight, your pooch can carry it along to wherever it goes.


While your pet plays with this toy, proper supervision is advised. As a responsible pet parent, you should regularly inspect the toy for any damages. In case you find that this Petface dog toy is damaged or torn, take it away from your dog that very moment, and discard it. Replace with a new one.


Product Dimensions: 31 cm (D) x 9 cm (W) x 9 cm (H)


Product Benefits

  • Dog toy that stimulates your pet for interactive play sessions.
  • Santa-shaped dog toy with extra-long arms and legs for the game of tug.
  • Crinkled and lightweight toy body makes it easy to be carried around.

Father Christmas Crinkle Legs

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