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The liver is a real powerhouse within the body – responsible for breaking down and detoxifying harmful agents and activating other substances essential for metabolism. It also stores nutrients and is important in immunity.


This pure preparation of top grade milk thistle contains high levels of silymarin that supports the liver and mops up free radicals that affect cells, so can be given at times when the liver needs extra support.


The core value of herbs used to maintain health is that every plant contains many compounds that are natural balancers. In this case the benefits of silymarin are complemented by other biological compounds found in milk thistle, so no other additives or blends are included in this beneficial supplement.


Ingredients: Milk thistle extract 100mg (80% sillymarin)


Administration: 1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily, split into at least 2 amounts during the day.


Can be used during pregnancy?: No


Can be used during lactation?: No


Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with other medications under veterinary advice.


Product Finishing: Film Coated


Special Warnings: This product should only be used when the liver is in need of support.


Always read the label

Dorwest Milk Thistle - 100, 200 or 500 Tablets

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