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Your dog will love the taste of these premium chicken twisty bites These are hand finished with a variety of mouthwatering ingredients.


The treats are ideal as rewards during training sessions, for celebrations or just as an extra pleasure.

Comes in an oxygen free pack for freshness.


Ingredients: Chicken Breast: 67%, Cod Fish: 25%, Starch: 3.5%, Sorbital: 2%, Glycerine: 2%, Salt: 0.5%


Analysis: Protein: 22%, Fat: 4%, Ash: 2%, Moisture: 23%, Fibre: 0.2%




Store in a cool, dark and dry environment.


OXY-Pack absorbs oxygen to help keep treats tasty and fresh. N.B. Do not allow pets to eat the OXY-Pack.


Feeding Guide - Feed as part of  a balanced diet. Not suitable for small breed puppies under 6 months old but suitable for large breed puppies over 4 months old. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water and is supervised at all times when giving them treats. Feed on a non-stainable surface.


Pack Size - 100g

Dog Deli Chicken Twisty Bites

SKU: 36213
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