Your dog will love the taste of these premium chicken strips.  These are hand finished with a variety of mouthwatering ingredients.  The treats are ideal as rewards during training sessions as each stick can be broken to make smaller treats, for celebrations or just as an extra pleasure. Comes in an oxygen free pack for freshness.


Ingredients: Chicken: 50%, Flour: 30%, Cod: 10%, Sorbital: 6%, Glycol 4%


Analysis: Crude Protein: 30% min, Crude Fat: 1% min, Crude Ash: 1% max, Moisture: 25% max




Store in a cool, dark and dry environment.


OXY-Pack absorbs oxygen to help keep treats tasty and fresh. N.B. Do not allow pets to eat the OXY-Pack.


Feeding Guide - Feed as part of  a balanced diet. For smaller dogs (under 12kg) limit daily treats to approximately 10g, so a 100g bag should last around 10 days; where there are larger strips cut these down first and feed smaller pieces up to 10g per day.


Not suitable for small breed puppies under 6 months old but suitable for large breed puppies over 4 months old. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water and is supervised at all times when giving them treats. Feed on a non-stainable surface.


Pack Size - 100g

Dog Deli Chicken Strips

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