The Casual Woollen Dog Coat is made with wool mix fabric, commonly used in making human coats. The fleece lining keeps the dog warm and comfy in cold weather. The coat is machine washable, wind proof and shower proof. The buttons are made from wood.

Main features of the designer woollen dog coat are:-

Luxury, lightweight and warm.

Larger front strap to protect the dog from wind.

Large pad of surcingle that strap around the body to keep the dog warm.

V shape at the back of the coat to let the dog to waggle their tail.

Velcro straps make it easy to wear and to remove.

There are six sizes available to fit most breeds, measuring from the neck to the root of the tail.

Casual Wool Coat - Grey

PriceFrom £24.99

  • Model Length Chest Neck
    DG-308GR 8" 11-15" 6-7.5"
    DG-310GR 10" 14-18" 7.5-10.5"
    DG-312GR 12" 17-21" 9.5-12"
    DG-315GR 15" 21-25" 12-15"
    DG-318GR 18" 25-29" 14-17"
    DG-322GR 22" 28-34" 18-22"